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School Services

For students who need more focused assistance to manage behavior

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA and FAA) :

For those students who need a more intense level of assistance to manage behavior.  We will conduct an assessment to determine the function of the behavior(s) and provide a list of recommended goals to assist in decreasing inappropriate behaviors along with replacement behaviors that are socially acceptable.

We can assist private, public, and non-public schools.

Teacher Support:

Have a new teacher, or someone who is unfamiliar with teaching students with autism spectrum disorders? We can provide assistance for those teachers and staff who just need guidance in overall classroom management. This may include: arranging the classroom environment to best serve the needs of the students, setting up a classroom wide positive behavior support system, and integrating strategies to increase communication skills throughout the school day.

We can assist private, public, and non-public schools.

One-on-One / Student Support:

We can provide a 1:1 paraprofessional/behavior therapist to assist students with behavior, social skills, executive functioning, and other skills required to be successful in a classroom setting. All 1:1 support staff are supervised by a BCBA/BCaBA and either holds a credential as an RBT, or is in the process of obtaining their RBT credential.

*Monthly contracts as well as hourly rates are available.
NPA state certification is currently pending

We can assist private, public, and non-public schools.